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Homeglobally Ltd is an international company specialized in the publication, with the help of a network, of real estate advertisements in the world market. Homeglobally Ltd is duly registered in the UK with  Company no. 10695604 . Homeglobally operates all over the world with operational offices located in many countries; each office is autonomous and is responsible for its work to the central office. In each country, a manager is appointed who looks after the interests of customers, who can speak with the contact person of their country by means of a chat set up on the website, by e-mail, unique for all the locations, managed by the head office: support @ and by telephone, by making an express request by e-mail indicating your telephone number.

1. Contractual conditions

These General Conditions of the terms and conditions for the purchase of ad packages constitute a single body of rules governing the relationship between Homeglobally Ltd (hereinafter “homeglobally”) and the Customer. These terms and conditions must be considered as a unitary and inseparable one. If the jurisdiction of your country prohibits in any way the services offered within , the user is expressly warned against using them, disclaiming any liability that may derive from use in violation of these rules.

Property owners or their respective real estate agents regularly registered in the appropriate registers of their own country enabled for real estate brokerage (“advertisers”) who publish advertisements on (identified as “the portal”) or people who use the portal for purposes other than promotional purposes (“users”), by accessing the portal and its use, they agree to be bound by these terms and conditions (“Terms of use”) which regulate the use of the portal from part of advertisers and users.
Advertisers and users, before using and viewing the portal, are required to read the Terms of Use. The use of the portal is considered as acceptance of the Terms of Use. Do not use the portal if you do not agree with the Terms of Use.

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2. Object

The contractual conditions have as their object the supply by homeglobally of the services that make up the homeglobally offer packages and more specifically: ” advertising of advertisements whose object is the sale and / or rental of real estate of any nature and kind ” )

The packages include services offered through the portal , its worldwide real estate network and other portals belonging to the group.


In providing the Services, homeglobally may make use of the activities of third parties.
3. Homeglobally Services and Obligations

Homeglobally has the right to examine the real estate advertisement to be entered on the website and to ask the Client, at its sole discretion, to modify the text and / or image of the advertisement itself, as well as to reject it.


Homeglobally also reserves the right to refuse or postpone the real estate advertisement that could cause an excessive overload of its own server and / or network or that does not comply with the obligations indicated in the following articles of the Agreement.


Homeglobally is not liable for any insertion errors, faulty reproduction of texts and / or illustrations.


Homeglobally may suspend the provision of its Services if the Customer fails to pay the fees due; the service cannot be provided without proof of payment with the financial means used by Homeglobally.


Homeglobally offers real estate advertising services and does not receive any sales commission.


It is understood that no responsibility can be charged to Homeglobally for the failure to sell or rent the properties and / or any other property to which the advertisement refers; even if the customer does not receive any requests from potential buyers.


HOMEglobally will try to supply the products without interruptions that are not due to temporary technical needs.


Homeglobally cannot guarantee that the service offered can always work without interruptions, delays or other imperfections, from the moment they are transmitted through internet lines, so there may be power outages or interruptions in the internet service and some inconveniences may occur, for example the loss of packets / ads / texts / images that interfere with the quality and speed of the communication. These inconveniences, not dependent on Homeglobally’s will, can never be charged, just as disservices attributable to third parties (Hackers) who intervene on the system against the will of Homeglobally, without prejudice to Homeglobally’s willingness to restore, cannot be charged. limits of the possible, of the service.

HOMEglobally can modify, replace and innovate the technical characteristics of the website, in order to keep pace with new needs and developments. This is because Homeglobally is part of a Network and ad blocking / ad blocking issues may arise due to the Network.
HOMEglobally may also need to repair, improve and / or update the Products / services and this may require the temporary limitation, suspension, interference and / or discontinuation of the Products and / or services.
It is understood that for the period in which the Services will be blacked out / suspended, no reimbursement or compensation will be due to the Customer for the failure to provide the Services.
It is expressly forbidden for the buyer to enter false and / or invented data in the registration / announcement procedure, necessary to activate the procedure for the execution of this contract and the related further communications; the personal data transmitted by the customer must correspond to their real personal data and not those of third parties or fictional ones. It is expressly forbidden to make multiple registrations corresponding to the same person or to enter data of third parties. Homeglobally declines all responsibility for advertisements made by third parties who are not directly owners and holders of the properties, including real estate agents who have not obtained a mandate to advertise the property resulting from intermediation with their customers.
HOMEGLOBALLY reserves the right to legally pursue any violation and abuse, in the interest and for the protection of consumers. The Customer indemnifies Homeglobally from any liability deriving from the issue of incorrect tax documents due to errors in the data provided by the Customer, the latter being solely responsible for the correct insertion.
By sending the order through the sales system defined e-commerce, accessible through the website , the Customer agrees that Homeglobally may send subsequent communications, including advertising, by telephone, fax, sms or e-mail. .
The customer undertakes not to resell the products / services to third parties, without the written consent of Homeglobally.
The user undertakes to indemnify homeglobally and its affiliates from any liability and costs, including legal fees, associated with a violation of these terms of service.
Homeglobally reserves a maximum time of 72 hours to load the advertisements within the network of real estate sites. In the event that the customer should encounter problems relating to entering data and photos, he can contact the homeglobally assistance center: , the only e-mail address valid for all Homeglobally offices located in the various countries.
The real estate property inserted in the site cannot be viewed in any portal corresponding to the country of origin where the property is located.
Homeglobally disclaims any responsibility for the arrangement preordered by the customer of the photos he himself inserted in the real estate ad.
It should be noted that the number and quality of the real estate portals where the advertisements will be published may be subject to changes during the course of the contract without affecting the overall quality of the service and, in any case, cannot constitute grounds for withdrawal or termination of the contract.
The indication of the real estate partners listed on the site is indicative and not exhaustive.

4. Tariff Prices and Payment Methods for Services

For the use of Homeglobally products / services it is necessary to purchase packages with your user account through debit or credit card, PayPal, promotional voucher, bank transfer or other means, which can be made available by Homeglobally.


The customer is made aware of the fact that Homeglobally Ltd can proceed with the analysis and / or verification of the data provided, in order to counter and prevent fraudulent actions, reserving the possibility of cancellation / suspension of the service, precedence, activated.


After purchasing the advertisement package, the customer has the option of extending it, with the purchase of a new product / service, without tacit renewal.


Homeglobally may change the rates for the purchase of products at any time without notice.
Homeglobally can sell / acquire all or part of the business branch, domain and brand, without being obliged to make any communication to its customers.


For a limited period of time Homeglobally reserves the right to offer promotions and discounts to the packages used on the website.


In the event that the customer should receive a charge in error, it is necessary, within 45 days from the date of the charge, to contact customer service: . After this deadline, no refund will be made.


Invoices will be issued and sent automatically to the e-mail address indicated by the customer.
5. Duration

This Agreement is valid and effective from the date of payment of the service or from the beginning of the provision of the same service with the expiry of the purchased package and with the consequent approval of these terms and conditions.
At the expiry of the contractual period, the same contract will naturally come to an end, i.e. tacit renewal is not envisaged.
Without prejudice to any other hypothesis of termination of the Contract provided for by the aforementioned terms and conditions, the Contract will be considered automatically terminated.

6. Refund Policy

The Customer has the right to withdraw without any penalty and without specifying the reason, within ten working days from the subscription. The Customer must communicate his intention to withdraw from the contract by registered letter sent no later than the aforementioned deadline and in any case by the tenth day of the Order or, if the deadline expires on Saturday, Sunday or a holiday, by the next business day. In case of withdrawal, the requests must be sent by registered mail to the registered office of Homeglobally Ltd. After this ten-day period has elapsed, it will not be possible for the customer to request withdrawal and / or refund. The reimbursement in all cases provided for by these general conditions will be made as soon as possible and in any case within 30 (thirty) days from the date on which the relative right arose. The refund will be made by Homeglobally by check sent to the Customer or with the financial means that Homeglobally deems appropriate.

7. Customer Responsibilities

The Client undertakes to produce the real estate advertisement, the content and / or images of which are relevant to the real estate sale / rental activity and which do not in any way prejudice the image of homeglobally or violate the rights of third parties.
The Customer is responsible for the correct uploading of their real estate ads on the aforementioned site.
The Client is solely and exclusively responsible for the content of the real estate advertisements and undertakes to indemnify and indemnify homeglobally from any claim or action that may be addressed to homeglobally by third parties, as well as from any claim made by third parties in relation to the content and technical procedures (including any links) referred to in article 10 of the Agreement below.
The Customer is responsible for keeping and secrecy of the password and user id necessary for accessing the homeglobally services. The Customer undertakes to immediately notify homeglobally of any illegitimate use of his password.
The Customer undertakes not to include in the advertisement references (telephone numbers and contact details) other than those of the signatory of the contract.
The Client undertakes not to insert advertisements relating to properties that do not exist or are not available to him or he undertakes not to enter properties with incorrect data; in the face of these eventualities homeglobally reserves the right to obscure the advertisement itself.
The Customer is required to use the contacts obtained through the Services provided by homeglobally only for the purposes envisaged by each of the aforementioned Services.

8. Prohibitions

It is expressly forbidden for the Customer to:
a) use the data obtained through the homeglobally services to carry out spamming activities, subscriptions to newsletters, advertising communications. etc .;
b) copy, save and transfer in any form, digital or otherwise, the list of contacts obtained through the homeglobally Services;
c) transfer the data obtained through the homeglobally services to third parties. In any case, any use of the portal for commercial or advertising purposes not permitted by Homeglobally is prohibited for advertisers or other users. Such uses of the portal will have consequences, established at the sole discretion of Homeglobally, such as the refusal to publish real estate ads and / or the prohibition to use the portal.

9. Authorizations

Homeglobally may perform the services referred to in these terms and conditions also through third parties and / or its network by publishing on sites and / or search engines other than the site www. and advertise the ad on social networks.
Homeglobally is authorized by the client to insert his own brand on all the photos that are part of the real estate advertisement.

10. Ownership of own brands

The Parties (customer and Homeglobally) will retain the exclusive ownership of their trademarks (registered and unregistered) and other distinctive signs, logos and domain names, as well as intellectual property rights, patents, utility models and registered ornamental designs. This Agreement, of the contractual terms and conditions, can never be interpreted as the granting of a license or transfer of ownership of the rights claimed by each of the Parties on trademarks and distinctive signs, on logos and domain names, as well as on intellectual property rights and patents, models and designs mentioned above in favor of the other party.

11. Miscellaneous

Links to other sites and resources on the web portal and provided by third parties are available for information purposes only. The company has no control over the contents of such sites or resources and declines all responsibility in the event of loss or damage deriving from their use.
If one or more provisions contained in this contract should be deemed invalid, or declared as such, by any law, regulation and / or following a sentence of a competent court that has been unjustified, the remaining provisions will remain in force.
The tolerance of the party and a violation of one of the obligations deriving from this contract by the other party, will not entail the acquisition of rights of any kind by the defaulting party. This tolerance will in no case be interpreted as a waiver of asserting one’s rights.
The 16-language translation system and engine is an automatic two-step process that ensures efficient and reliable results. 1 ° – Extrapolation of key concepts through artificial intelligence (for example: apartment; 80 square meters; swimming pool etc.). 2nd – Generation of a new description using the syntax of the target language. However, there is a special area within the homeglobally site where the customer, if not satisfied with the simultaneous and automatic translation, can modify them (changes visible 24-48 hours after saving the translations). Homeglobally will not make any corrections / changes to the translations previously made with an automated system and without the customer being able to demand manual translations.
“Network Partners” means the Partners belonging / affiliated to the Homeglobally service provider.
In accordance with the provisions indicated in the Privacy section, information and data on the customer are necessary to manage the order and the related commercial relations. Information and data are also stored for security reasons, to meet legal and regulatory requirements and to allow you to improve and customize the services offered and the information you send;
The “Sustainability” section in no way represents a source of income for Homeglobally, but rather a form of invitation to charity.
The original version, in Italian, of these Terms and Conditions is translated into other languages. In case of discrepancies or discrepancies between the Italian version and any other translated version, the Italian version will prevail.

12. Security of published ads

It is advisable to always check the safety of the advertisements published with due care. For numerous reasons, the file containing the announcement could disappear from the system and, therefore, the customer undertakes to keep and keep an updated copy of the data published on the network (advertisement) of the site , regardless of the operating status of the server, forcing itself to make it available to homeglobally, upon simple request.

13. Use of online payment platforms

Through the portal, an online payment platform is made available that guarantees customers the possibility to pay online for the packages purchased, via PayPal, credit card, debit card or other payment options. Homeglobally reserves the right to modify or remove this platform at any time, without notice and at its sole discretion.
Although the technical platform to allow such payments may be made available through the portal, Homeglobally is not responsible for the payments themselves or for their processing and this service does not imply that Homeglobally can be considered responsible for the payment made by the customer and not successful. .
In particular, Homeglobally disclaims any responsibility for decisions made by PayPal or other suppliers with respect to the refusal of transactions, usually based on the supplier’s risk assessments with respect to the user or the transaction. Homeglobally also declines any responsibility in case of losses resulting from payments made by customers through online platforms. If you need assistance with online payment, the customer should contact PayPal, their bank or the credit card issuing circuit (as appropriate).
The customer agrees to indemnify and hold Homeglobally harmless from any claims, actions, proceedings, damages, losses, liabilities and expenses (including legal fees) presented by PayPal or other payment solution providers resulting from actions or omissions attributable to the customer.

14. Privacy – processing of personal data

The processing of personal data of customers carried out by Homeglobally complies with the international laws in force for operators on the web with an e-commerce system and all the practices of conservation and use of personal data comply with the privacy regulations.
In any case, by accepting the contractual terms and conditions, the customer authorizes Homeglobally to use their personal data for the fulfillment of this service and for advertising purposes related to the service offered, exempting Homeglobaly from respecting the Privacy Laws of the country. where the customer is based.

15. Jurisdiction

For any dispute arising from the relationship of this contractual form, the place of jurisdiction is the place where Homeglobally has its registered office.

16. Call recording and monitoring

Phone calls made to and from Homeglobally can be recorded. Homeglobally reserves the right to use the records in order to monitor the quality and compliance with customer service obligations, to verify the accuracy of the information provided by users, for anti-fraud prevention activities or to provide training services to staff. Call records will be kept for the period reasonably necessary for the execution of these activities, after which they will be deleted. Any personal data obtained from users during the calls will be treated in accordance with the provisions of this Privacy Policy.

17. Email communication

Homeglobally strives to simplify the use of the portal and to allow all customers to take advantage of the opportunities, to insert real estate ads, with discounts reserved for them. To this end, Homeglobally sends email messages containing information about such opportunities. Homeglobally believes that such email messages provide useful opportunities to users on Special Offers available through its site. In any case, in all communications the user will be offered the possibility to choose not to receive further email messages. Alternatively, you can unsubscribe from communications by sending us an email.

18. Conclusion of the Agreement

The Contract, even in the absence of express acceptance by homeglobally, is considered concluded at the time of activation of the Service.
If the activation of the Service is not possible due to technical impediments not attributable to Homeglobally, these contractual conditions cannot be accepted and, in any case, the Contract eventually concluded will be automatically terminated, without this entailing any type of liability of Homeglobally towards of the Customer.
In this exclusive case, in the event that the customer has already made the payment, the same will be reimbursed under the same conditions as in the previous article 6.

19. Cookies and other web technologies

Like many websites, the portal uses “cookies” to personalize visits to the site, simplify the login procedure, monitor preferences and keep track of portal usage. Cookies are small pieces of information stored by the browser in use on the computer’s hard drive. Browsers offer the option to disable the use of cookies by websites. For information on how to disable cookies, consult the online help or browser manual. Disabling cookies may reduce the functionality of the portal and other websites. Similarly to other websites, Homeglobally’s servers automatically store “log files” containing information on the volume and characteristics of the traffic that flows to the website, such as the IP address, the number of page visits, the duration of the visits. The log files are used to verify how the portal is used, which allows us to monitor and improve the service. Identification of users solely through log files is not possible.
For detailed information, please refer to the Policy on the use of cookies on the website.

20. Limitation of Liability

Homeglobally acts solely as a real estate service provider in the world market through which clients promote the sale and / or rental of properties. Homeglobally does not check the documentation of the properties and neither is it responsible for compliance with the energy certification regulations and other regulations dictated by the country of origin.
Although clients are required to advertise properties for sale and / or lease in an honest, truthful and accurate manner and although necessary steps are taken to ensure that non-compliant listings are removed as a result of complaints made by users or potential buyers, Homeglobally does not exercise no control over the accuracy of the advertisements or the ability of advertisers to guarantee that the urban and cadastral regularity of real estate offered for sale and / or lease is guaranteed.
Therefore, Homeglobally declines all responsibility in case of damage (including personal injury) suffered by third parties as a result of actions or omissions by defaulting customers.
Although every possible measure is taken to prevent improper use of the portal and the spread of harmful programs through it, Homeglobally declines all responsibility in case of loss or damage caused by intentional misuse of the portal or by the distribution of viruses or other computer threats that may infect computer equipment, software, data or other material owned by users and / or customers following the use of the portal.
Homeglobally reserves the right to decide, in certain circumstances and at its sole discretion, if it is necessary or desirable to proceed with the cancellation of a property advertisement.
The customer agrees to indemnify Homeglobally from any liability and / or damage in the event of the occurrence of such hypotheses.
In case of breach of these terms by Homeglobally or in case of any other liability towards customers (including, by way of example, negligence on the part of Homeglobally), Homeglobally will only be liable for damages or direct losses suffered by the user. and resulting from the use of the portal, as better specified below.
In no case Homeglobally can be held liable towards the Customer for its own breach, total or partial, or for the delay in the fulfillment of one of the obligations provided for by this Agreement, if said non-fulfillment / delay is attributable to events of force majeure or however from circumstances beyond the sphere of its reasonable control, including, by way of example but not limited to, fire, strikes, natural disasters, power failure, unavailability of connection lines, malfunction of computers, the Internet network, providers or of the software as well as from actions of third parties having access to the network.
Except in the cases provided for by mandatory provisions of law, the liability of Homeglobally any title deriving from this Agreement or in any case from the provision of the service will be limited to direct and foreseeable damage at the time of acceptance of these terms and conditions and will not extend to indirect damage. , including without limitation, loss of profit, loss of business, opportunity, delay in collections, loss of data etc., possibly suffered by the Customer.
In any case, the compensation for any damage suffered cannot, in any way, exceed the amount of the service provided by homeglobally. (to consider the price of a single ad in case of multiple purchase).
In the event that the customer believes that the content of videos, photographs, property descriptions or other material published on the portal by an advertiser can be considered offensive, discriminatory, defamatory, libelous or otherwise inappropriate, Homeglobally invites the customer to send a notification containing details of any such content deemed inappropriate and the reason for this assessment.
Following receipt of the notification relating to content considered inappropriate, Homeglobally undertakes to examine the content subject to the report and to arrange for its removal from the portal.
The customer, by accepting these contractual clauses, expressly declares that they are clear, non-oppressive and easy to interpret.

Registered office: 1 College Yard, 56 Winchester Ave, London, NW6 7UA